The Kenya avocados, like all other alligator pears, universally trace their origins to Mexico’s Puebla State, though fossil evidence is said to demonstrate the presence of similar species far and wide millions of years back, particularly in California, which is the world’s second largest exporter of the avocado fruit.
Well, the history of Kenya avocado is exciting. So is the avocado itself, a lovely fruit with fast rising global demand. This simple natural fruit is amazingly high in healthy fats with attractive benefits to the body.

Selina Wamucii understands both the art and science of exporting healthy Kenya avocados that we source from family growers to remain the best Kenya growers and exporters of fresh avocados. We export both Kenya hass avocados and Kenya fuerte avocados. Our superfood contains no trace of sodium or cholesterol, while saturated fat content is extremely minimal.

Scientific Studies have demonstrated, with unquestionable conviction, that an intake of high levels of potassium is sufficiently linked to effective reduction of high blood pressure which is a serious risk factor for complications such as strokes, kidney failures and heart attacks. Luckily avocados are high in the potassium element, much more than you would find even in bananas. A daily serving of avocado is a safe step far away from these risks.

Yet this is just a scratch of the surface of the myriad of advantages that a serving of avocados delivers to the body. From oleic acid to several antioxidants, what awaits you is simply a cherished secret of body benefits ‘hidden’ in a delicious fresh Kenyan avocado.

And from Kenya origins, Devart Limited is a proud exporter of Kenyan avocados, sourced directly from family growers. We have shaped a brand that is respected for the finest avocados in the world. With consumers getting a fresh feel of tasty, healthy Kenyan avocados—and growers assured of healthy returns.

Some love Kenyan Hass, Some love Kenyan Fuerte. We have them all. So join us today, enjoy Devart Limited Avocados from Kenya.

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We supply fresh Avocados.

Our Kenya avocados are sourced from family growers who are dedicated to producing top grade avocados for both local and global markets.

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